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Why you should have a good Property Manager!


We save you time


  • No more taking enquiries

  • No more replying to emails and texts

  • No more phone calls

  • No more inspections

  • No more waiting for people to turn up (or not)


We take care of open homes, routine inspections, marketing, photography, bills, rent, bond, maintenance, insurance and more - giving you back hours and hours of your time.

And we’ll always keep you updated with what’s happening with your property.


We take care of everything for you…

We save you stress


Wonder what your tenants are up to in your property? We’ll tell you!


We conduct regular inspections and keep in regular contact with the people living in your investment. Our thorough tenant checks put the right people in your most valuable asset.


And we make sure they’re doing the right thing - looking after your property, and paying the rent on time.


We take care of everything for you…

We save you money


Want to reduce your tax bill?


Often, every aspect of your property management services is fully tax deductible - every fee, every payment, from maintenance jobs to appliance purchase and installation.


And no more back and forth trips to your property, so you save on transport costs (fuel & tolls).


That’s less money for the taxman and servo, and more money for you. Just talk to your accountant to find out more.


We take care of everything for you…

We know the law


Should anything go wrong at your property, we have the expertise and experience to deal with it.


We know your rights, and the responsibilities of the tenants and tradies that have anything to do with your property.


Many landlords simply don’t know what to do in case of legal action, compliance and how to complete the necessary paperwork, and many haven’t even put in place the proper protections.


For example, did you know that if your property does not have its fire alarm checked and compliant, your entire lease is invalid?


We take care of everything for you…

Reliable cost-effective service


Many people balk at property management costs without realising the value of being in good, safe hands.


You can see from the reasons above that handling your own property takes up your valuable time, energy, money, and can give you needless stress and concern.


Master Real Estate property management costs $27.50 weekly for a $500pw rental property…

That’s $27.50 a week for us to take care of everything for you. Everything!


Case study: One of our new landlords lived near Liverpool and had a rental property in Randwick. It cost him $26.80 in tolls and almost 2 hours of his time just for one return trip to his property. Now he doesn’t need to go there at all.


All our landlords are provided with complete transparency through our online portal so you can see what’s happening with your property 24/7.


You receive full reports regularly and rental payments automatically transferred into your account every month.


We give you full market appraisals so that your rent is maximised and you can make the most of your asset. And we are always available to answer your concerns and provide expert advice.


So, why should you get a good property manager?


We take care of everything for you…