Our values applied to Property management: 

Integrity / Honesty

Our role is to serve you, the client, in all things.

We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

If we say we will do it, we will do it. 

Communication / Availability

All emails responded to within 24 hours,

Urgent maintenance actioned within 4 hours, 

Calls responded to within 4 hours, 

You will never feel as if the agent isn't available to assist within business hours

Expertise  / Education

Our team undergoes ongoing training, and we will always take the

time to sit down with you and explain strategy.

We are in this together with you as much as you'd like to be involved, or not. 

Quality / Excellence

Not happy with the result? Let us know why and we will do anything

we can to get you the result you want. Barring market forces or legislative requirements,

we go above and beyond for excellent service. 

Effort / Service

We are in a service industry. That means we don't just do the bare minimum.

We not only collect rent, we can: 

  1. Pay all outgoings from rent

  2. Conduct 2 inspections per year

  3. Negotiate ongoing rent increases and agreement renewals

  4. Lease your property out for the best result

Collaboration / Enthusiasm

We are a fantastic team, and we act like a team.

If one person isn't available to assist, someone else is. Our solid teamwork creates an

enthusiastic energy we bring to our everyday.  



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