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Edwin Lee



With over 30 years' experience in the industry in the Sydney real estate market, and having grown up in the Harbour City,  Edwin's experience brings a steady hand, market insight, and grounded, down-to-earth common sense. 

As the Principal of Master Real Estate, Edwin is well-known as direct, honest, passionate, and sensible. His vision and excitement over future endeavours is only matched with his excitement and passion for his clients experience. His professionalism and infectious enthusiasm is the cornerstone of his service offering. The result is a real estate agent of impeccable credentials, and a reputation among his clients as someone who "gets the job done". 


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Vanessa C

"Edwin was the consummate professional and handled everything well - even explaining the process thoroughly and always following up. The rest of the team were also very courteous and proficient."

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James N

Edwin and the team provided an incredible service throughout the sale of the property. The communication was quite regular and gave me confidence the team were doing everything in their power to drum up interest in the property that eventually led to the sale. Very happy with the end result and the sale price locked in.

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Kay T

Love your new website. Wow, time flies. Can't believe it's been 15 years! I remembered when we first bought a property from you after an inspection with our toddler in the back of your car!
A big congratulations to you and your team, looking forward to another 15 year.
Happy New Year!


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