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Karen Chen

Director of Property Management

As head of property management for Master Real Estate, Karen Chen brings excellence and a steady hand to the team. Her decade’s worth of experience, including residential, commercial and luxury homes, has shaped her skills and capabilities into becoming one of New South Wales’ top property management professionals.


Known for her consistency, diligence and integrity, Karen holds herself to the highest standard in all things relating to properties leased under her watch. Her experience stretches from maintenance and renovations coordination to tribunal conciliation and hearings management. Having led large and small teams alike, her approach is supportive, and she quickly gains the trust of colleagues, clients and tenants by always delivering on her promises.


Her passion for compliance and best-practice are signature to her professionalism, and she proves time again that results come from intelligent working practices. Speaking no less than four languages, her ability to assist a variety of clientele has been a major asset in her career. Working with Master gives her the ability to offer a fully comprehensive service as they form part of a progressive company with a great network and a focus on premium customer care.


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